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Modern laundry detergents need to do a number of jobs to meet consumer expectations, hence our range of multi-benefit enzymes and ‘blend’ solutions. The SMARTENZ™ product family combines a number of enzyme attributes offering multi-benefit cleaning functionality.

Our SMARTENZ™ Customized Blends Program

Our SMARTENZ™ Customized Blends Program lets you take control over the design of your own multi-enzyme product. With access to our most powerful detergent enzymes, and our team of world-class biotechnology experts, you will have all the tools you need to unlock a new level of broad spectrum cleaning performance that meets the needs of the markets and geographies most important to your business.

Download information on our SMARTENZ™ program or contact us to learn more. We will continue to develop innovations that drive performance and meet the changing laundry needs of consumers worldwide.


SMARTENZ™ Customized Blends