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Biobased Solutions for Laundry Detergents

Though consumer insights and close collaboration with our industry partners, the Fabric and Household Care team at DuPont has developed a range of enzymatic solutions for laundry detergent manufacturers focused on consumer needs. For example, we have developed enzymes effective at lower temperatures, to enable consumers to wash their clothes in colder water - saving both time and energy. 

Our benefit-led product categories allow you to easily find the solution best suited to your needs:

Preferred stain removal technology for laundry.

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to laundry, expecting clean clothes first time, irrespective of stain or cleaning condition. The PREFERENZ™ product family leverages premium enzyme technology to deliver optimum laundry performance.

Cleaner clothes, better value.

To meet consumer needs for performance yet value, look no further than the EFFECTENZ™ laundry product family. Price sensitive cleaning solutions giving you cost containment – without compromising on quality.

Smart-thinking laundry cleaning.

Modern laundry detergents need to do a number of jobs to meet consumer expectations, hence our range of multi-benefit enzymes and ‘blend’ solutions. This SMARTENZ™ product family combines a number of enzyme attributes offering multi-benefit cleaning functionality.

Revitalizing with care.

Consumers increasingly expect their machines and detergents to keep their delicate clothes fresh and as new. The REVITALENZ™ product family focuses specifically on giving precious laundry items a high performance clean with care, protecting colors and fabrics – and machines.







Working collaboratively in the category of laundry detergents, the two companies co-developed a new enzyme molecule that achieves the previously impossible: the cleaning power of warm-water washing at cold-water temperatures. more >