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Water scarcity

It is clear that water scarcity is becoming a globally prevalent issue. The WWF notes at least 2.7 billion people live in river basins that experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. The report also outlines the many regions where communities face severe water shortages at different points in the year. From Australia and China, to South Africa and the US – all of which face water scarcity at points in the year – this is a universal challenge.


For brand owners, the water scarcity challenge is particularly complex. Water use is linked to consumption. Goods are processed using water and facilities consume local water resources as part of their operations. In addition, goods such as household and cleaning products, from laundry tablets to toothpaste, also require water supplies to be used in the home. Consumers are only somewhat conscious of sustainability challenges – and brand owners must therefore also seek to take action that presents their brands as sustainable.


Find out how brand owners are helping to address the global water scarcity issue