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Why detergents need to deliver more

Due to a deep, drawn-out global recession, value is continuing to determine the ways in which consumers shop for detergents. It's a trend that has led to smarter spending, whether consumers are switching to cheaper own-label products, delaying purchases to wait for promotions or scouring the Internet to find a better deal. In fact, it has inspired people across the US to create their own home-made detergents to save money.

Recent studies have shown that as consumer lifestyles, shopping habits and laundry routines have diversified, so too has their perception of value. And it’s important for detergent manufacturers to recognize this in order to stay relevant.

When it comes to buying a detergent, value isn’t just a price tag now. For the modern consumer, value means choice and long term benefits.

Choice is highest on the shopping list for consumers in developed markets. Consumer’s choices are increasingly guided by promotion and offers. However, consumers are increasingly looking ahead to see how their detergents give them value.

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