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Trends shaping the industry

DuPont Industrial Biosciences' Marketing Director Gilles Mur on the importance of consumer trends and how they are shaping the industry.

Consumers drive everything in a changing world. To enable the detergents of the future in collaboration with our customers and stakeholders in the cleaning industry, we need to understand what the consumer values are and how they are shaping the macro-trends in our industry.

Cleaning has been perceived by consumers globally as a necessary chore, which underlies the need for easier to use and more convenient cleaning solutions. Convenience is king for consumers.

Easy but affordable is actually more relevant. In the face of uncertain economic environment, this pursuit of higher value or new value has developed in many ways across the globe and triggered changes in the consumers’ behaviors to purchase and use cleaning products.

More and more consumers are weary of over-spending and over-consuming. The awareness of over-consumption and the resulting impact on the environment and availability of natural resources has led to a growing demand of environmental friendly products, for instance urging the producers to offer concentrated products using less packaging. However, green credentials are deemed as a must and hence have to be provided without a premium. Furthermore, the behavioral apathy to change our cleaning habits is unfortunately common. One of the major challenges for the industry will be to translate such change of our habits and cleaning conditions into value for the consumers.

Cleaning products are usual purchased items raising a low involvement and excitement from the consumers. A differentiated and new sensory experience in the usage of these products and the result on our belongings, such as the preservation of our clothes and dishes, will influence the consumers on their choices.

Cleaning is a chore, but this is deemed as essential by most of us to ensure the hygiene of our surroundings and therefore strongly contribute to our well-being.

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