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North American Dish Market: Cautious customers continue to reduce spending

The US homecare products market has stalled. Five years of declining value, halted only by last year’s flattening market, has created a challenging environment. The slow economic recovery has seen cautious consumers continue to reduce spending. A cost-cutting mentality has seen them trade-down while lower priced brands in both dishwashing and laundry have performed well and grown in value.

But, where some categories have seen a marked shift towards ‘private-label’ products, the growing preference for tablets has made dishwashing a difficult category for private-labels to gain traction in.

The cleaning habits of two influential emerging consumer groups are shaping the US homecare products market. ‘Milllennials’ - aged 15-30 - and Hispanics now account for respectively 22% and 16% of the population and their preferences are driving convenience-based innovations in both products and packaging.

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