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What is the key challenge for detergent manufacturers?

The food industry and related detergent trends are rapidly changing, whether it’s because of new ingredients in processed foods (resulting in new stain types) or consumer preferences in detergent format. To stay ahead and grow market share, the detergent manufacturers will need to be able to respond directly to the changing market needs in order to succeed.

At the 60th SEPAWA Conference in Germany we asked attendees for their input on what they thought is the key challenge for detergent manufacturers in a changing market. They could choose from the following options.

Innovation: Transforming insight into new product concepts

Production: Devising formulations to make new products a reality

Cost effectiveness: Balancing production cost and quality of finish end product

A large majority of people 57% thought that the key challenge that detergent manufacturers are currently facing is Innovation, how to transform insight into new product concepts.

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