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Consumers' sensory needs in laundry

DuPont recently carried out extensive research into consumers’ sensory needs in relation to laundry behavior and the importance of and satisfaction with different fabric care attributes. The aim was to better understand the key issues within the different sensory benefit groupings, and the results provide a fascinating insight into consumer laundry habits and attitudes from around the globe.

Russians (36%) are most likely to separate baby clothes  – seven times more than Germans. Chinese are seven times more likely to separate underwear than the British.  DuPont is always trying to better understand what consumers want through in-depth studies. . 

This study shows that consumers still have many unmet needs and are prepared to pay more for laundry products that deliver benefits relevant to them. We have since addressed one such need, the desire for a product that helps prevent the pilling of garments, with a new cellulose product developed specifically to combat the problem.

The global picture is remarkably varied. Whilst there are similarities across the world in the ways people judge the cleanliness of laundry, when it comes to fabric care there are significant differences between regions and groups of consumers.

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