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A fast growing laundry market

We are committed to developing products that meet consumer needs worldwide. As part of this, we’ve used our own research and reports published by Euromonitor and Deloitte to develop a study based on the Indian laundry market.

Illustrated in an infographic, the study examines the different factors affecting washing machine ownership and analyses the current value of the Indian detergent market. It also uncovers some valuable insights about how the market as a whole may grow in the future.

India’s consumer revolution

The simple shift at the more 'traditional' end of the laundry market, away from bar-soaps to more sophisticated hand-washing detergents, is a small but important indicator of India's consumer revolution.

Who owns a washing machine?

Larger cities tend to be more prosperous and have a higher penetration of washing machines – but 'Urban India' accounts for only 33% of the population.

What are the gaps in Indian laundry knowledge?

There is still little understanding of the functional differences between hand-wash and automatic detergents. – as such, hand-wash detergents are also used in washing machines.

Together we can develop solutions based on real world needs.

The results shown here are just a sampling of the data collected from this study. To discuss this study in more detail, and the impact these findings may have on our industry, please contact us today.