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Discovering what Brazilians want from their wash

Consumers are at the heart of our innovation. To develop a deeper understanding of the Brazilian market, we surveyed 800 individuals across Brazil on their laundry habits.

We’ve illustrated our findings in an infographic that takes you step-by-step through the research. An overview the study can be seen below, or you can view and download the full infographic in PDF format.

Who is the Brazilian consumer?

To gain a complete picture of the market, we surveyed people of different genders, ages and from different economic backgrounds.

How do they clean their laundry?

We determined whether individuals pre-treated, pre-rinsed, soaked or pre-washed their laundry, and whether it was then hand washed or machine washed.

What do they expect from their laundry detergent?

Consumers told us their laundry challenges and which detergent attributes they valued most.

So, what do these consumers want?

Based on our findings, we believe there are four key considerations for the Brazilian market. They represent a real opportunity to the industry when creating future products for Brazil.

View the full infographic to see what we've found.

Together we can develop solutions based on real world needs.

The results shown here are just a sampling of the data collected from this study. To discuss this study in more detail, and the impact these findings may have on our industry, contact us today.