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These four consumer trends are shaping the way we clean

For DuPont Industrial Biosciences, the consumer is at the heart of innovation.

Our unique understanding of consumers has enabled us to identify four key global trends - which we use to help create products that answer real-world needs:

The new value equation

The pursuit of value is having a clear impact on people across the globe. In the face of tightening credit, weakening job prospects, troubled national economies and a general sense of economic malaise, consumers are adopting a more sophisticated approach to saving that doesn’t just help their finances.

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Convenience is king

Consumers today increasingly live life in a blur – what we call a ‘Hyperlife’. In this whirl, anything that saves time is highly sought after. This quest for convenience is having an effect on how people choose, purchase and consume a raft of products and services.

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Inspiring experiences

Consumers today are looking for meaningful experiences wherever possible, and use this ‘experience’ benchmark to judge their personal, working, and consuming lives. They are striving to replace "transactions" with "interactions", so companies must now learn to reflect this in their products and services.

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Green without the premium

As demands for natural resources continue to challenge supplies, consumers are more concerned about sustainability. By 2030, the world's population will reach 8.3 billion - boosting demand for food, energy, and fresh water. See how consumers and businesses are reacting to this new world order.

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